EU GDPR Training

EU GDPR Training

EU GDPR Training offered by IACT-Africa includes  a range of courses relating to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) in classroom format.  Why is this training important?

The EU GDPR provides a number of mechanisms for the lawful processing of personal information and protecting data.  While it is important to implement measures to process personal information in a lawful manner, if the people in an organisation don’t understand the regulation and its purpose, the chances of complying with the requirements are pretty slim.  Training is therefore a key aspect of your EU GDPR compliance journey.

We have developed a set of unique and practical EU GDPR training courses which cater for the following:

  • End users
  • Job role specific e.g. line managers, records managers, security specialists
  • Executive and directors for policy setting

A description of the key courses is provided below:

1.  EU GDPR Awareness Training

Classroom- based training can be delivered onsite at your premises or at a selected venue.   It is led by an experienced EU GDPR facilitator.

  • EU GDPR Awareness for Employees

A 2-hour course is available for employees which focuses on the essential components and purpose of the EU GDPR.  It covers employee rights and responsibilities giving practical advice for everyday use.

  • EU GDPR Awareness for Management Training

A 1-hour course is available for management which focuses on management responsibilities when carrying out supervisory and enforcement action to ensure compliance with the EU GDPR by employees.

  •  EU GDPR Awareness for Owners and Directors

A 1-hour course is available is available for company owners and directors which aims to help executive’s to understand their responsibilities when developing and implementing policies for compliance with the EU GDPR by the organisation. This module provides the governance, risk and compliance context when dealing with internal and external stakeholders.

Pricing for the EU GDPR training is quoted based on specific customer needs in terms of group size and location.

2. Certified EU GDPR Training

In addition to the IACT-Africa EU GDPR training  shown above, we also offer certified training for delegates who have responsibilities for,  or are who are interested in becoming a Data Protection Officer.   The certified EU GDPR training is offerd in conjunction with Caridon Group, the South African representative for the PECB certification body.

Please click here to find out about the Certified EU GDPR Training.

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