Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer

In many organisations a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a legal requirement and an important role. The key tasks for a DPO include, advising the organisation’s leadership team on data protection and privacy policy, risk management as well as the processes and policies required.

While some organisations have to appoint a DPO because they process large volumes of personal data, others have acknowledged the value of having a voluntary DPO for business reasons.

If your organisation has decided on appointing a DPO, you might not have the in-house skills and knowledge for carrying out the responsibilities for this role. We have, therefore, introduced our Data Protection Officer service to assist organisations who want to outsource this role or need support in establishing the practices.

So either acting as your virtual DPO or providing support and additional resources for DPOs and/or Privacy Managers and those responsible for data protection compliance, we can provide you with an experienced and appropriately certified DPO on a flexible and cost effective outsourced basis.

Our Data Protection Officer Service as a Service is a virtual service which is offered primarily as a remote service but can include part time onsite presence where practical.

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